Dani's Bamboo straws

Dani is a guy who loves his island Lombok and the environment. He was sad to see the number of plastic straws on the beautiful beaches around Lombok.
One day he saw a fisherman using a fishing stick from bamboo, which gave him the idea to use bamboo for straws. Every straw is handmade with precise quality. This is why we call them the “Mercedes” of straws.
By ordering Dani's bamboo straws, you are supporting his family, village and the activities of Enjoy Life in Lombok, Indonesia.

We take care of every customer individually.
That's why to order Dani's Bamboo straws please contact us directly.
email:             fun@uem.sk
WhatsApp    +421 907 278 049

We can also provide bamboo straws
with your own LOGO.



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