Sustainable bamboo Center for children

Lombok children

After-school education

The whole Center will focus on children's creativity and sports. We would like to teach them about ecology and nature, also support their skills.


Natural material

All buildings will be made from bamboo and natural materials. We would like to use reused wood, stones and furniture from old wooden pallets.

Sustainable energy

Sustainable energy

Our goal is to use renewable energy sources, such as biomass, wind, and solar energies. We hope we will find a partner who can support us.

Steps to build sustainable Center for children


Final design & 3D visualization

In 2020 we join architect students from Singapore for final visualization. We are happy that we can involve students and let them design our Center. The final design with all structural documents and 3D video visualization will cost 2000€.


Find the land

Our activities focused on the south of Lombok. We start looking for land in 2020. In 2019 we join with Invest Islands company who are one of the biggest investment company dealing with the land in Lombok. Our project will need at least 4500 m² for our project. We hope that the fundraising program will help us to raise money for our project.


Build a first bamboo house with the school

Our project will start with the first bamboo house. We already researched bamboo construction and how to treatment bamboo. Our calculation for 1 bamboo house with a school is 40 000€. At the same time, we start with gardening, composting and sustainable energy devices to use sun and wind.


Build last 3 bamboo houses with kitchen and regular toilets

We will learn from 1st bamboo house building and we will improve the other 3 bamboo houses. At the same time need to be build a kitchen and toilets. The calculation to finish the last 3 buildings with a kitchen and toilets is 140 000€. 

Please support our project for educating children in Indonesia


Marketing & partnerships
Ing. Marian Lemes

    Majo Lemo

Technical support
Ing. Milos Kubik
WhatsApp: +421907278049


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