Make Lombok Green program

To achieve this, we need one example. One small island which CAN. We focused on the beautiful small island Gili Air, which is part of Lombok.
Our project consists of educating children and local people. Inspired them with solutions, how they can processing trash, and most important showing them trash as a SOURCE for new products. 



Analyze local behavior, amounts of trash and pollution, understanding of habits of local people.



To achieve our goal is important to connect with local government, schools, nonprofit organization, and the local community.
Our activities include brainstorming, workshops, ecology children day, and proposition of solutions and implementations.



The final part is about creating playgrounds from the trash, composters, separation centers, and ecology products. The idea is to show them that trash can be a source.

Make Lombok GREEN presentation for General managers

The future is in our hands. The most important thing is to change our mindsets and habits.

Three organizations, Enjoy Life nonprofit, Harapan Baru Lombok Indonesia, and Pituq Community Foundation talk about the environment, education , and supporting the local community. The organizations held a presentation for over 30 general managers of large hotels and resorts in Lombok about the current issues with pollution and the environment and the solutions for the organizations and the hotels to work together to tackle some of the problems.
More than half of them signed The “Green List” which is an initiative to reduce and recycle waste.
We believe that together we can make Lombok an ECO ISLAND 🍃


Marketing & partnerships
Ing. Marian Lemes

    Majo Lemo

Technical support
Ing. Milos Kubik
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