Story of Adi Amrullah

Adi Amrullah is around 50 years old. When he was a baby he was infected with polio, which left him disabled. He never finished school and start to work as a bamboo cutter from his teens.
Around 20 years he married and had 2 children. He worked his whole life hard to give them a better life than he had. He paid for their studies, even if it meant he had to work 50 hours a week.
In 2018 his home was destroyed by a large earthquake. He kept living in a tent.
For several years he kept saving money to rebuild his home. After 2 years, he only had 20% of the amount needed to be saved.
With the help of Enjoy Life, Harapan Baru Lombok, Pituq Foundation and Savili his home was rebuild in summer 2020. We gave him 2 additional rooms, a bathroom, and a small workshop for him to work in on wooden beds for orphanages.
Adi said that this changed his life. He finally got a proper place to sleep, made new friends, and is grateful for all the help he received. He asked us to thank you all for your support.



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