Eko & Eka

Eko & Eka ecology cartoon

Together with advertising company Berakar Komunikasi
http://berakar.com ) from Jakarta
we prepare an ecology cartoon named
Eko & Eka for Indonesian children.

Our goal is to instill the love of Indonesia’s nature and to inspire environmentally conscious behavior in children. Also, we want to create environmentally conscious mascots or role models that children can relate to.

A three minutes animation series about Eko & Eka who traveled to many unique places in Indonesia, following their father, who works as a ranger.
Eko & Eka encountered many environmental problems along the way.
With the tenacity of young kids and the help of their special gifts,
Eko who can talk to plants, and Eka can talk to animals, they were able to
overcome all of it.

With your help, we can launch this ecology cartoon.
All 12 series will cost 60 000 €.


Marketing & partnerships
Ing. Marian Lemes
Email: lemo@enjoylife.cool

    Majo Lemo

Technical support
Ing. Milos Kubik
WhatsApp: +421907278049
Email: majlo@enjoylife.cool


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