Orphan School upgrade, Lembar Lombok Indonesia

In march 2020 we visited an orphanage on the island of Lombok for the first time, it is closed to Lembar. The condition of the orphanage was very poor. There were three buildings; one for boys, one for girls, and they use the other building among the three as a place to study.
Just concrete, there were no beds, no shelves, no wardrobes.
The children slept on the floor. The so-called-bathrooms were in very poor condition, you can barely even call it a bathroom. After we left, we knew we need to do something about it. So we started our first fundraising with Slovakian friends. And then we met a beautiful soul, Savili from Hawaii. When he saw the school, he started fundraising as well with his Hawaiian friends. Then we joined the local NGO Harapan Baru Lombok Indonesia, who then offered us a helping hand. The result?

The orphans now have:
- beds from wooden pallets, mattresses & pillows made by disabled people
- new bathroom, kitchen and library
- sports and school equipment
- trash separation bins

We also provided for the children:
- hygienic workshop
- eco-bricks workshop
- English lessons



Thank you for support orphans


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