Lombok children

Eco children day

The trash can be the source of new products.
All-day activities with children, football tournament, cleaning area, education about trash, and SWAP clothes from the tourist for plastic trash.

Orphan school

In march 2020 we visited an orphanage school on the island of Lombok for the first time. 
The condition was very poor. We decided to help them together with our partners and friends.
It was our pilot project.


We are organizing ecology program SWAP in Slovakia and Indonesia from 2018.
Each country has a different purpose.
In Slovakia we are focused on slow fashion, in Indonesia is themain goal to swap clothes for trash.

Enjoy Life trilogy

In December 2019 we prepared an ecological trilogy for children at the primary school in Žilina.
The first step was a discussion focused on the ecological issues of our planet connected with activities and products of Enjoy Life in Indonesia.

Together we can

1st inspirative international conference in Lombok Indonesia.
Can you imagine, that students of Mataram University never had aconference before?
We think students of all universities is a future in every country, every continent.

Make Lombok Green

Every big change starts with small steps. If we wanna change Indonesia, we need to start with one island and focused on a small part of it. Our dream is the beautifull island of Lombok to be green, unpolluted and sustainable solutions.

Eko Eka cartoon

Together with advertising company Berakar Komunikasi from Jakarta we prepare an ecology cartoon named Eko & Eka for Indonesian children.
Our goal is to instill the love of Indonesia’s nature and to inspire environmentally conscious behavior in children.

Story of Adi Amrullah

Adi Amrullah is around 50 years old. When he was a baby he was infected with polio, which left him disabled. He never finished school and start to work as a bamboo cutter from his teens.
Around 20 years he married and had 2 children. He worked his whole life hard to give them a better life than he had. He paid for their studies, even if it meant he had to work 50 hours a week.
In 2018 his home was destroyed by a large earthquake. He kept living in a tent.


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